During our walks I’ve noticed that we are all enjoying new experiences and learning new skills.

Those things we would have liked to do, but never really had the time.

Well they’re really doesn’t seem to be a better time for it.

As the pains and aches have faded away I’ve felt like an excited puppy and can hardly contain my excitement at being able to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do.

I started with signing up for swimming lessons. I’ve swam regularly for many years, mainly for fitness. But I’ve never had a lesson, so it’s always been queen Ann style breast stroke, neck and head jutted out of the water. I had absolutely no confidence that I’d be able to learn.

But I’m delighted to say it’s been amazing. I’m great at backstroke, who knew  (well that’s my assessment, not that of my instructor) and it’s such a powerful big stretch, it’s really helped me to regain my movement.

We would be delighted to hear what fun things you’ve restarted, or have taken up for the first time, and the joy it brings you… please share with us at Sheila@bosom-buddies.co.uk

Really enjoying life


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