With the experts taking care of all your medical needs, many people want to know how best to help themselves. Well it’s time to become an athlete, and an Olympic one at that…


  • Eating a healthy satisfying diet, like a champion. See section of healthy eating choices and recipes

Glass of water | Bosom Buddies cancer support group

  • Drinking plenty of water.  Between 2-3 litres a day during treatment, to help your body process the treatment and eliminate any toxins left behind. This can be taken as warm water and lemon and also herbal tea

  • Sleeping soundly by preparing for bed and resting, napping when you can. See sleep section for tips on how to prepare for a great night’s sleep
  • Practising mindfulness and positive visualisations. See section on daily mindfulness meditations
  • Exercising, a little and often. Even if it’s a very short slow walk it will get the blood flowing and the fresh air will lift your mood

  • Staying in touch. When you’re feeling well and able to, meet up with friends to chat and stay connected

The most important thing during treatment is to be kind to yourself, accept the help and support you’re offered and go with the flow. Take each day as it comes and adjust your schedule to allow rest whenever you need it.

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