I’ve woken feeling sick and jittery… I’ve already had a few tears as I prepare for my last subcutaneous Herceptin injection, the wonder drug that’s saved my life.  Amazing that techniques pioneered right here beneath the spires of Cambridge have provided the antibody therapy for the treatment of my breast cancer.

Fortunately I had a busy day before my treatment which helped to distract me.  I treated myself to new gym gear to celebrate losing my chemo weight gain and as an incentive to do my workouts whilst walking the Monty Donty Dog, had my nails done, took the kids swimming and bought several beautiful bunches of flowers to give to the nurses.  I also did a few work emails then finally the time came to go…

Even before going through the doors I’m crying…  It’s a real mixture of scared that I won’t be so closely looked after anymore, sheer utter relief that it’s all gone so so well and feeling very blessed.  I have an overwhelming sense that I can now move on with my life and live as well as I can, I’m as fighting fit as I can be for everything this wonderful and scary world brings my way in the future.

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