Oh the power of the mind. We all know in our hearts the power of our mind, it is mighty and we are at its mercy.

On a good day we accept any pains we might be experiencing, we let go of any annoyances without judgement and let them pass like clouds, we greet the world and everyone around us as our friends… and I really find it so true that when I’m shining the world shines bright around me.

I also feel the opposite to be true on a bad day. Our body aches just that bit more and one might worry about what that means, we dwell on those thoughts for far too long and only half listen to conversations, just too absorbed on what could happen. We don’t greet the world with a smile we cast our eyes downwards not wanting to be seen. So guess what, were not seen, we become invisible and maybe just a bit inconsequential.

Fortunately my invisible days are few and far between and I believe that feeding my body with all the delicious nutrients it needs, exercising and practising mindfulness regularly, all help me to shine like a star and spread that light and love.

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