We all know the importance of a healthy breakfast;
It improves concentration and mood
It can help prevent us from reaching for a mid morning, unhealthy snack on the go or feeling so starved that we eat a bigger lunch.
Thus It can help us to maintain a healthy weight.
It can also be a great start way of getting some vitamins and minerals on board, first thing in the morning.

and yet it’s so hard for us to find the time.

Like most of our healthy eating choices, it’s all in the planning.

When I’ve got to be up and out early (I’d always prefer a few more moments in bed …zzzz

I prepare something the night before, such as Bircher muesli or some boiled eggs that I can take with me….If i haven’t preprepared one of those I grab a banana and some mixed nuts and seeds.

Bircher muesli is my favourite grab and go, here’s a simple recipe

1 green apple coarsely grated
About 25g rolled oats
20g of mixed seeds and nuts ( chia, sunflower, sesame, flakes almonds)
1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
120ml or so of almond milk
1/3 of a chopped banana and a handful of berries for the topping
As you like some dried fruits can be added sultanas and chopped apricots, these will contribute to your natural sugars intake.

In a bowl mix all the ingredients together, except the banana and berries.
Transfer into a glass storage jar, you can use a kilner jar or jam jar. Place in the fridge overnight.
Throw the berries and banana and some flaked almonds on top and enjoy.. You can play around with the liquid content to get the consistency just right for you.

During the week when I have more time I tend to alternate between a bowl of porridge,
(made with almond milk and served with some chia seeds, cinnamon, 1/3 of a banana and some mixed berries ( raspberries, strawberries, blueberries,
It’s so delicious)

Or some mashed avocado and poached eggs,
Or scrambled eggs, made with almond milk and some smoked salmon

On the weekend, when we get a lazy Sunday I like to prepare something that the whole family can sit and enjoy. For us it’s usually poached eggs, mashed avocado, grilled tomatoes, some feta or halloumi, some fresh or steamed spinach, and a seeded loaf or sourdough bread.
The kids favourite is eggs followed by either banana bread or banana pancakes.

We also have a mammy’s magic juice which is; a fresh apple, one beetroot, about 6 carrots, a thumb sized piece of ginger and two roots of turmeric, all thrown into the juicer.

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