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Our greatest desire is to inspire positivity and happiness. To bring a dusting of joy to your day… either by encouraging you to; start a new activity, or reconnecting with a previously enjoyed one such as;

Practising mindfulness, writing, painting, pottery, gardening, photography, anything creative that will help to relax you. Or savouring a new recipe to enjoy with your family and friends.

Why not try your hand at a new exercise; such as learning to play tennis, mastering your swimming stroke, or golf stroke, or getting back into going to the gym. Starting with a personal training session is a great way to rebuild confidence in the gym. We would be thrilled if you joined our next walk, see the calendar for the latest schedule.

If we don’t have a walking support group set up in your area, why not become our local group leader and start one. Email us for a starter pack. The walks are an amazing way of meeting likeminded people, who all share similar stories, and the acceptance feels so good.

This is your time…

You can make us happy bunnies if you’d share with us a sprinkle of words about what’s bringing you joy, post treatment or indeed during treatment. This could be; a favourite recipe, poem, exercise regime or mindfulness activity, whatever you’d like to share with your Bosom Buddies.

We can’t wait to hear, please send to Sheila@Bosom-Buddies.co.uk

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