What’s so special about these little green Puy lentils?

Puy Lentils

Puy lentils really pack a punch when it comes to delivering protein and a host of impressive vitamins and minerals, including: folate, iron, manganese, phosphorus, thiamin, potassium and vitamin B6. They are also a source of riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper and selenium.

High in fibre and low in fat, they can be used as a meat replacement to provide a satisfying meal. When cooked Puy lentils keep a firm texture, have a great almost nutty delicious taste and can be used in a wide selection of recipes, such as casseroles, soups and salads.

They are incredibly easy to prepare, just rinse and cook for 20 minutes in boiling water or add to a soup or casserole. (I use the widely available dried Merchant Gourmet boxed type). My favourite recipe to use them in is Mediterranean Braised Organic Chicken and Puy Lentil Casserole which you will find included in the recipe section. It’s so tasty, especially when you use homemade chicken stock and sun blushed tomatoes.


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