Its been two years and were back on the west coast of Scotland on a wee magical island, in the inner Hebrides.

At its best its handsome, rugged, strong, exciting and filled with all the colours of the rainbow, both literally in the sky and across the landscape where water meets land and erupts into heathers, blooms and thistles… it’s my favourite colour pallet of moody greys, deep blues across the sea into slate greys, oranges, algae and seaweed greens, with dusty pink heather and purple thistles. It’s majestic and I really enjoyed trying to get the perfect shots that encapsulates the entire spectrum of the seashore colours.

The essence of storms, the immense life that’s visible at the edge of sea and land.. perhaps were life begun with tidal mixing of chemical compounds and carbon and the suns energy warming the mixtures in the mineral rich shoreline mud – who knows, but you can sure imagine it with the evident abundance and variety of life everywhere!


It’s mid August and after a blistering hot summer the weather has turned and it’s more of a typical Scottish holiday, where it’s inevitably going to be wet.

To really enjoy a Scottish holiday you have to go with that flow and enjoy days out in rainproofs, messing about on boats, eating tones of seafood, until every pore of your body smells like the sea, enjoying the salt on your face, and woven into the fabric of your clothes and look for the eagles, otters, seals, deer and all the commotion in the ocean; lobsters, scallops and crabs.

The rock pools are alive with starfish, crabs, limpets and it’s so exciting to mess around with the kids finding them, in the crystal clear sea, because they’re all here and the joy of meeting them makes up for any rain showers, and some. You simply can’t have the amazing colour palet without the rains, so dress for the weather and enjoy the earthy, salty misty rains on your face, it’s like a rebirth.

When the sunshine busts through the opportunities for adventures are bountiful; we’ve been with out with nets to catch Mullet, to no success I should add… we’ve caught mackerel off the fishing boat, put out lobster pots and had a glorious time kayaking down the lochs watching the seals, otters and deer.

The evenings are a time to hunker down with a delicious supper of salmon, roasted chicken, or a slow cooked aga stew a good film, roaring fire and Monty dog on our lap. With some of Scotland’s finest handmade dark chocolates, I would say an enormous goblet of red wine in hand but I’ve given up so I had some tonic water instead. It’s not the same and I can’t pretend otherwise.

The good side of abstaining is the fact that I get up in the morning, watch the sunrise over the mountain and do my run, along the loch down to the bay and it’s beautiful.. I think a red wine bad head would prevent me getting out, so that’s the upside.

I started by saying at it’s best its, well I guess at its worse, it’s a moody, stormy, unpredictable island that doesn’t care about your plans for a picnic on the beach or a swim. If you can forgive the weather your rewarded with the most spectacular wildlife, Flora and Forna, great artisan folk crafting, painting and weaving, some gorgeous seafood fare and hopefully magical sunrises, sunsets and a week of rainbows.

Who knows if your really lucky and you do get good weather well then the white sandy beaches and crystal blue seas could make you feel like your in the Caribbean

The shooting stars, Milky Way and maybe even a touch of the Aurora borealis , could make you feel like the luckiest people on this planet and wonder how we started and who’s out there…It really feels like a place of great significance and wonder. It’s a place of ancient burial grounds and symbols; with all the symbolic standing stones facing Eire and somehow through invisible lines joining the two countries together. My husband and I both love Celtic symbols and that’s the reason for the intertwined knots on the logo the intrinsically linked spirals that represent wellbeing, exercise, healthy eating and mindfulness and everything that’s encapsulated within those elements.

So why wait, book yourself a Scottish adventure, and pack your mac!

Slainte x



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