Its officially Autumn, we can’t cling to summer anymore, you can feel the change, the warm summer air replaced with a fresh almost mountain feeling air. The crisp mornings, and the low late sunrise.

The start of the Michaelmas term heralds the kids staring their schools pre school, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Dropping the kids to school and returning to collect them after school, stopping to collect conkers and hear their excited talk of learning, is providing us both with the most incredible joy. We’ve been astonished at how much they’re loving the routine and have settled into school with such ease. The parents, teachers and teaching assistants already feel like friends, and its obvious that the children are nurtured and eased into the school system.

To welcome the start of autumn we took the kids for a walk in the woods. Our weekend walks now enjoyed in winter boots, and coats, through the earthy fall of leaves underfoot, and its glorious.

The kids were thrilled to return to the woods were they’d enjoyed forest school previously, and took great delight in teaching us their songs about the seasons, how to climb the banks, and sharing their appreciation of nature.

In continuing the joys of autumn we spent Sunday afternoon having lunch in our local gastropub, having a hearty roast and pot of special tea. Its a wonderfully and eccentric place with warming fires, great colours and filled with friendly faces.  It was the place we went too immediately after my diagnosis over a year ago, to delay going home to the kids. I’d needed time to pull myself together first. The news was so raw and terrifying.  I literally shook. I felt so weak with shock that I felt too unstable to sit on a chair, instead I warmed myself by the fire in a huddle. Our wonderful waitress realised something was very wrong and she made me a special  ginger, lemon and honey tea and it really helped, as did her warm caring looks of concern. I couldn’t form the words in my mouth to tell her, instead I held my breast with tears flowing freely down my cheeks. She knew, she also knew we had two wildly excitable small children, that had enjoyed many a noisy lunch in the snug at the back or the garden. Anywhere but the more formal dinning room, where we would find it too hard to contain their excitement of life. We had been to the pub a number of times during my treatment and to celebrate himselfs birthday, but the joy of returning with a full head of hair and without a single ounce of pain felt incredible. We were greeted so warmly, and quickly forgiven for taking the best seats in the house, next to the wood burning  stove.

The lunch had a celebratory feel to it and we meet two friends of friends who had recently started their journeys. We shared some laughs and hopefully good tips on enjoying the day, without overly thinking about the future, just trusting the medical advise given and looking after yourself by responding to your body’s needs. It was a feeling of going full circle, here was I offering a warm heart, loving caring looks and hopefully a few gentle words of encouragement. But most importantly hope and joy.






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