What we’re about


We are an active walking support group aimed at anyone who’s been touched by a cancer journey.  Our group includes men, women, those who are having and have had treatment, as well as those in supporting roles.

We meet fortnightly during term time for a 2 to 3 mile walk, followed by a cup of tea or coffee.

It’s a great opportunity to meet likeminded people, regain confidence in exercise and share lifestyle tips.  It’s amazing how easily conversation flows and difficult subjects freely flow.

How it started

The founding members of the group first met on a mindfulness course.  As the course drew to a close we realised how much we would miss the support and social side of regularly meeting with others who totally understood what we were going through, from a place of acceptance, understanding and encouragement.

Why Bosom Buddies?

Well a number of the group have had breast cancer, including me – I’m Sheila one of the founding members of the Group.

I met my first and most important Bosom Buddy during the decision making process of whether to have reconstruction surgery or not.  I was introduced to an amazing lady who had already made that tough decision.  She showed me her new breasts – oh my goodness the results were incredible, and a tummy tuck to boot (fat and tissue had been taken from the stomach in a DIEP reconstruction).  She also gave me great confidence and reassurance that the recovery was ok.  Not great, clearly, but worth it.  We quickly became friends, never worrying about putting on a brave face, just talking honestly about the journey.  We’ve shared tears and laughter along the way and often reflect on how incredibly lucky we are to have such an amazing team of doctors and medical support staff looking after us, and our families of course.