Why a walking support group?

Well that’s the easy bit. It gets you out exercising and stretching post treatment and/or surgery. Walking with people who totally understand gives a great freedom to chat and find acceptance. Many people, post treatment, feel a sense of loss as the treatment and medical attention reduces, this can quickly turn to shock as the brain starts to process the journey you’ve been on. It can be the toughest time of all. Your family and friends pull back a little bit, as you are better now! Of course we all know that isn’t quite the case, that it’s a time of slowly healing, reaching acceptance and hopefully returning to work or your previous routine.

Why are we encouraging walking, stretching and a return to exercise, or indeed starting to exercise?

It is known that walking and exercising is a fantastic way to release endorphins, lifting your mood. Who doesn’t need that after going through a cancer journey?!

Taking up a brisk daily walk can also help to maintain a healthy weight which has huge health benefits such as helping to prevent re-occurrence, reducing the risk of heart disease, strengthening bones and muscles, and is especially good for those who have been through a medically induced menopause.

We also love swapping lifestyle tips, sharing healthy eating and delicious food and drink recipes. Together we’ve learnt about our need to give ourselves a break post-treatment and getting the pace right. We have all had times of getting ahead of ourselves and experiencing the emotional and physical crash that follows when we’ve done too much.